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The "Economy" line 

In the left menu you'll find four "Economy" cheese mould groups: "Baby Gouda", "Gouda", "Edam" and "Loaf cheese" cheese moulds. 

"Cylindrical" cheeses are still missing at this time. 
Work is in progress to make them visible in the shop soon. 

"Economy" means that the cheese moulds by the combination of low prices and high quality are a great option for the (starting) professional cheese maker. 

The roundings in the mould and lid are the same or very similar to the typical shapes of Gouda and Edam cheese. 
"Economy" cheese moulds are used in combination with a cotton cheese cloth.

The raw materials used to produce these cheese moulds are approved for direct contact with food, called "food approval". 

The cheese moulds are designed for daily use, their solid execution guarantees a long life. 

The regular cleaner liquids are suitable for these cheese moulds as well and will thoroughly clean them. The simple design enables the liquids to get rid of contamination in a simple and quick way. 

Depending on the type of cheese moulds they may or may not be stacked while being placed under the press. This property is listed in the description of the specific cheese mould. 

If you have questions about the moulds from the "Economy" line please contact us. 
Even if you can't find the model / shape / size you are looking, we will be happy to find it or design it for you! 

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We hope you enjoy browsing our shop and trust that you find the cheese moulds or parts for your cheese making process. 

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