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Gouda 1,6 kg Moule a fromages

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Gouda 1,6 kg Moule a fromages

Gouda 1,6 kg Moule a fromages

The mould internally has a diameter of 205 mm, an internal height of 85 mm. Mould and lid are executed with a Gouda radius.

With this mould a cheese can be made of approx. 1,6 kg, depending on the quantity of curd you fill the mould with.

The cheese mould consists of a mould, a lid and a separate cheese cloth. You can choose from a cotton or plastic cloth. The cloth ensures the drainage of the whey and the forming of the rind.

Mould and lid are completely made from plastic. The raw materials have been approved for direct contact with foodstuffs. 

The mould, the lid and the cheese cloth can each be reordered separately. 

€ 23.35