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Manchego 1,5 kg cheese mould

Article code: 3009

Manchego 1,5 kg cheese mould

Manchego 1,5 kg.

The internal mould diameter is 150 mm, the height is 110 mm. 
Mould bottom and lid are executed with Manchego grooving, the separate mould inlay with the typical Manchego pattern. 

The separate cotton cheese cloth ensures the drainage of the whey and the forming of the rind.
The cloth you'll find under: "Cheese Cloth" with article code 3457 (dimensions 50 x 50 cm). 

For any questions regarding this or any other cheese mould please contact us on tel.no.: +31 164299 386 or via info@thecheesemouldshop.com

€ 33.40